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SD BRIEF: Sikeston soccer, local football players garner postseason recognition

Friday, December 9, 2016

Sikeston senior Sam Cox was named to the 2016 Class 3 all-state team after leading the Bulldogs in goals scored.

Cox was named to the second team after scoring 16 goals. He was second on the team with seven assists. The senior was also named to the SEMO Conference all-conference team.

Cam King, a junior, was named to the honorable mention all-conference team.

Senior Max Ault was one of 40 players in the state to be named to the academic all-state team.

The 2016 Missouri Football Coaches Association all-state team featured several local players from the area.

Hayti senior wide receiver Dayon Moore (6-1, 200) and sophomore defensive end Ivory Winters (6-1, 195) was named to the Class 1 first team. Hayti senior quarterback Allen Mills (5-10, 180) and Portageville junior wide receiver Hunter Gates were third team selections.

East Prairie senior defensive back Casey Gregory (6-0, 170), Malden senior defensive lineman Alex Crawford (5-8, 256) and Malden junior offensive lineman Jackson Wilson (6-0, 240) were named to the second team in Class 2. East Prairie senior defensive lineman Mason Tidwell (6-3, 255) was a third team selection.

A pair of Dexter lineman were named to the Class 3 team. Sophomore offensive lineman Luke Boyer (6-4, 305) was a second team selection while junior defensive lineman Gabe Jackson (6-5, 240) was named to the third team.

Several local players were also selected to the 2016 Southeast Missouri Area Football Coaches Association All-Region Team

Class 4/5
First team
RB -- Justus Faulkner, Sikeston, Sr.
OL -- Josh Stinnett, Sikeston, Sr.
Second team
ATH -- Phayzun Fobbs, Sikeston, Sr.

First team
DL -- Josh Stinnett, Sikeston, Sr.
LB -- Justus Faulkner, Sikeston, Sr.
LB -- Keshawn Ellis, Sikeston, Sr.
DB -- Dre Johnson, Sikeston, Sr.
Second team
DL -- Quincy Chinwuko, Sikeston, Jr.
LB -- Jason Moore, Sikeston, Sr.

Lineman of the Year: Josh Stinnett, Sikeston, Sr.
Defensive MVP: Josh Stinnett, Sikeston, Sr.

Class 3
First team
WR -- Tra Ranson, NMCC, So.
OL -- Luke Boyer, Dexter, So.
TE -- Gabe Jackson, Dexter, Jr.
Second team
RB -- Payton Tinnon, Dexter, Jr.

First team
DL -- Gabe Jackson, Dexter, Jr.
Second team
DL -- Braxton Foster, Dexter, So.
DL -- Gabe York, NMCC, So.
DL -- Christian Yarber, Dexter, Jr.
DL -- Corey Holland, Dexter, Sr.
DL -- Demetrius Moore, NMCC, So.
LB -- Bo McMullin, Dexter, Jr.
LB -- Brian Sylvester, NMCC, Jr.
LB -- Blake Palmer, Dexter, Sr.
DB -- Jason Jarrell, Dexter, Sr.

Special teams
Second team
P -- Jason Jarrell, Dexter, Sr.
K -- Jason Jarrell, Dexter, Sr.

Class 2
First team
QB -- Charles Golliday, Caruthersville, Jr.
RB -- Deverence Jones, East Prairie, Sr.
RB -- Tray Stevenson, Malden, Jr.
RB -- Q'naries Anderson, Charleston, So.
WR -- George Qualls, Caruthersville, Sr.
WR -- Casey Gregory, East Prairie, Sr.
WR -- Cordell Kilgore, Malden, Sr.
WR -- Demarcus Sharp, Charleston, Jr.
ATH -- Derez Tipler, East Prairie, So.
ATH -- Jamilyn Criglar, Malden, Sr.
OL -- Jackson Wilson, Malden, jr.
OL -- Coy Stark, Malden, Sr.
OL -- Ethan Bader, Malden, Jr.
TE -- Jeremy Tucker, Charleston, Jr.
TE -- Destin Russell, Caruthersville, Sr.
Second team
QB -- Mason Brown, Malden, Jr.
RB -- Deadre Davis, Caruthersville, So.
RB -- Lamonte Bell, Caruthersville, Sr.
OL -- David Cook, Caruthersville, Sr.
OL -- Chad Housman, East Prairie, Sr.
OL -- Amaud Bates, Caruthersville, Jr.
OL -- Jermaine Hollywood, Caruthersville, So.
OL -- Jacob Underwood, Caruthersville, Jr.
TE -- Case McCormick, Malden, Sr.

First team
DL -- Deandre Davis, Caruthersville, So.
DL -- Jackson Wilson, Malden, Jr.
DL -- Dylan Dearman, Malden, Jr.
DL -- Deontia Fisher, Charleston, Jr.
DL -- Mason Tidwell, East Prairie, Sr.
DL -- Alex Crawford, East Prairie, Sr.
DL -- Conner Murphy, Malden, Sr.
LB -- Amaud Bates, Caruthersville, Jr.
LB -- Chad Housman, East Prairie, Sr.
LB -- Gavin Bristow, Malden, So.
LB -- Jeremy Tucker, Charleston, Jr.
LB -- George Qualls, Caruthersville, Sr.
LB -- Derez Tipler, East Prairie, So.
LB -- Bryce Nelson, Malden, Jr.
LB -- Q'naries Anderson, Charleston, So.
DB -- Bryce Strawn, Caruthersville, Jr.
DB -- Casey Gregory, East Prairie, Sr.
DB -- Brodderic Annesser, Malden, Jr.
DB -- Jamilyn Criglar, Malden, Sr.
Second team
DL -- Marquis Edwards, Caruthersville, Jr.
DL -- Davon Douglas, East Prairie, Sr.
DL -- Nelson Shadwick, Kelly, Jr.
LB -- David Cook, Caruthersville, Sr.
DB -- Terrance Raspberry, Caruthersville, Sr.
DB -- Luke Marcum, East Prairie, Jr.
DB -- Landon Hahs, Kelly, So.
DB -- Cordell Kilgore, Malden, Sr.

Special teams
First team
P -- Dee Triplett, Malden, Jr.
K -- Terrius Rodgers, Caruthersville, Jr.
RS -- Cordell Kilgore, Malden, Sr.

Lineman of the Year: Jackson Wilson, Malden, Jr.
Defensive MVP: Jeremy Tucker, Charleston, Jr.
Coach of the Year: Joel Wyatt, Malden

Class 1
First team
QB -- Allen Mills, Hayti, Sr.
RB -- Devante Robinson, Hayti, Jr.
RB -- Braden Cox, Scott City, Sr.
RB -- Uzziah Beggs, Chaffee, Sr.
WR -- Dayon Moore, Hayti, Sr.
WR -- Hunter Gates, Portageville, Jr.
ATH -- Landon Tenkhoff, Chaffee, So.
ATH -- Ian Torrey, Portageville, Jr.
OL -- Augie Knutson, Chaffee, Sr.
OL -- Nicholas Allred, Portageville, Sr.
OL -- Randall Tipler, Hayti, Sr.
TE -- Jaden Kiaser, Scott City, Sr.
Second team
WR -- Ryan Priggel, Portageville, Sr.
WR -- Dalton Wilson, Chaffee, Sr.
ATH -- Timothy Hamilton, Hayti, Sr.
OL -- Ryan Wilfong, Scott City, Sr.
OL -- Brittan Jones, Scott City, Sr.
OL -- Bryce Lowman, Portageville, Sr.

First team
DL -- Ivory Winters, Hayti, So.
DL -- Brittan Jones, Scott City, Sr.
DL -- Augie Knutson, Chaffee, Sr.
DL -- Jay Maltbia, Portageville, So.
LB -- Kade Sullivan, Chaffee, So.
LB -- Ryan Priggel, Portageville, Sr.
LB -- Jason Weatherspoon, Hayti, So.
LB -- Cody Rhyne, Scott City, So.
LB -- Dayon Moore, Hayti, Sr.
DB -- Hunter Gates, Portageville, Jr.
DB -- Jaden Kiaser, Scott City, Sr.
Second team
DL -- Jamel Harris, Hayti, Sr.
LB -- Brian Pearson, Portageville, Sr.
DB -- Landon Tenkhoff, Chaffee, So.
DB -- Daustin Thomas, Hayti, Sr.

Special teams
First team
K -- Jimmy May, Scott City, Fr.

Lineman of the Year: Augie Knutson, Chaffee, Sr.
Offensive MVP: Braden Cox, Scott City, Sr.
Coach of the Year: Neal Cruce, Hayti

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