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Friday, May 26, 2017
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Sikeston animal shelter has contract with city terminated (05/24/17)
SIKESTON - Concern over animal safety and careless administration of the Sikeston Area Humane Society has prompted Sikeston city officials to take action. City Manager Jonathan Douglass sent a letter to Cody Mitchell of the Sikeston Humane Society on May 19 terminating the Animal Shelter Housing Agreement effective June 19 for breach of contract...
Two companies interested in making metal watching vote closely in Jefferson City (05/24/17)
By Spencer Edwards spencere@standard-democrat.com NEW MADRID, Mo. - When legislators convene to decide the fate of Representative Don Rone's utility bill, Magnitude Seven Metals is one of two companies who could be making metal in New Madrid County...
Pierce to be featured speaker at Memorial Day Service (05/24/17)
SIKESTON - A former Southeast Missourian who has taken part in combat missions as well as relief efforts around the world will be the featured speaker at Sikeston's annual Memorial Day Service on Monday Col. Jeffrey G. Pierce, the commander of the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps, Northeast Region, based at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, will deliver the keynote address for the service, which begins at 10:30 a.m. ...
Sikeston High School graduates 220; seniors generate $4 million in scholarships (05/24/17)
SIKESTON -- Members of the Sikeston High Schools' class of 2017 generated over $4 million in scholarships, marking the highest amount in recent history. Approximately 220 Sikeston High School and New Horizons High School graduates received diplomas Tuesday night during the 116th annual commencement at Sikeston Public Schools Stadium...
Service honors fallen firefighters who died in line of duty (05/22/17)
JEFFERSON CITY -- Two Missouri firefighters, including one from Matthews, Mo., who died in the line of duty in 2016 along with two others who died in the line of duty in 1969 were honored during services Saturday and Sunday at the Fire Fighters Memorial of Missouri in Kingdom City, Mo...
Governor visits area Saturday "fighting for jobs" in southeast Missouri (05/22/17)
NEW MADRID, Mo - The threat of storms didn't deter nearly 1,000 people from attending a rally Saturday morning at the St. Jude Industrial Park to support Missouri's Governor Eric Greiten's effort to establish a steel mill to the large vacant site formerly occupied by Noranda Aluminum...
The Last Word

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Hillary's playing takeaway

I am sick and tired of Obama wagging his finger at the American people and saying, "That's not who we are." If you want four more years of this fundamental transformation of America that Obama has done for this great country, then vote for Hillary Clinton. The fundamental transformation includes taking tax dollars away from American citizens to spend on illegal immigrants coming into our country, refugees coming into our country and knowing full well that ISIS said they would infiltrate the refugee population. This is absurd, people! Wake up. Our country is being destroyed by these socialists. This is social anarchy. Refugees and immigrants are getting benefits that are due to American people. They are getting free housing, Medicare, Social Security, Welfare, food stamps, Obamacare, stipends to live on. It's just unbelievable the level this country has sunk to. Four more years of this nonsense will be the deterioration of this country. It will be the downfall of America. Four more years of this fundamental transformation into socialism. Nothing is free, people. It's paid on the backs of the working taxpayers who get up everyday and bust their butts going to work, trying to support their families. They can't support their families because all of their taxes are taken to support illegals and refugees. If you don't see this, wake up.

Not a smooth operator

I do not know where AT&T gets people to work for them. For one thing, you get ahold of that stupid machine and all they want to know is do you want to pay your bill. You try to explain to them what you want and they don't understand you. You can repeat it three times and ask for a person. You get a person, and they can barely speak English or they mumble and you can barely hear them. They go by the phone number you are calling from and then they can't help you for the number you're calling about because it's not the number you're calling from. It's all messed up. Why can't they get Americans that speak English and can understand other people?

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